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Ahmet Ratib

As the co-founder of LongStay Cyprus, my background is the inspiration behind this unique product. I am a Cypriot by birth, but I spent nearly 40 years overseas, mostly in the UK. On having retired back to Cyprus and with no initial intentions of working seriously again, I was impressed by the quality of life in Cyprus. The beautiful natural countryside, mountains, beaches, food, and the ease of life (no hustle and bustle of city life) made me think this is something many people in Europe in my position might also enjoy and experience. Considering the much lower cost of living, I thought we could design a product for those adventurous souls who might be willing to take a certain period off from their normal lives in their home countries at a very reasonable price. Some people might think taking some months away from their lives in an overseas location is too ambitious, but a few months is not such a long time, and in return, you will get to experience something unique. If you have spent most of your years working and planning for a quiet and comfortable life, taking a certain period of time-off in Cyprus is one of the best things you could possibly do. With the vast development in today’s modern world, we are able to offer the comforts of home at lower prices in Cyprus, allowing you to meet new people, create new memories, whilst having the ability to return to your usual lives very quickly so why not try it?

Franz Bauernhofer

I have lived in Cyprus for 13 years now and have never regretted moving here. Of course, I have the great advantage that my wife is from Nicosia (our capital city), so I made friends here very quickly. I am very enthusiastic about life here, especially the weather, the sea and the ancient culture of the island. And then the idea came up with LongStay Cyprus!

With LongStay Cyprus we want to give this experience to those who don’t want to stay in Cyprus for years but for a few months. During this time it is possible to get to know the whole island from scratch – the cultural monuments, the natural beauties and the fantastic Cypriot cuisine. Above all, we also enable you to meet locals and expats; be it the local cultural tours and activities, or excursions to neighbouring countries.

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